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       Innovative, minimalist, experimental and quirky at times.
       Just the terms used to describe Dutch design esthetics.
       At the same time, you might say the same about the
       design foundations of Macna.

       At the R&D department, the design team is working like
       a well-oiled machine, creating new ways to improve your
       ride, blending fashion with technology.

       2D, 3D,

       AND A BUNCH

       OF FABRIC

       If the concept is worth persuing, it will be digitally
       redrawn. But there’s more to it than that: the drawing of a
       jacket is actually a multi-page manual. It encloses all the
       MATERIALS     , panels and parts that will be used,
       along with manufacturing instructions and much more. A
       blueprint, if you will.



       Several times during the design process, we’d like
       to shut off our computers and leave the office for
       some real-world testing. It leads to new insights and
       improvements, but we also do it simply because we like
       a good ride!

       After all is said and done, the production gets underway,
       and the results are in the pages ahead of you...
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